Borrowing Better Now

On January 1, 2016, amendments to Section 8 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law came into force, which restrict the rights of non-bank creditors to unfair commercial practices. What exactly does it mean, what are the changes and how do they affect borrowers? Now it is even safer and more profitable to borrow. Find out

Credit repair, bankruptcy, and bad credit loans

As part of China’s economic stimulus plan, Chinese banks have been ordered to lend huge sums to steel producers, iron ore importers and other industrial operators. A large part of these funds was plowed directly into large bets commodity prices. See for a write-up Before starting to enjoy your backyard this summer it is

What is the debt spiral?

Quickly recognize the debt spiral Many consumers have the problem that actually normal debt develops into an overindebtedness that can no longer be overseen. It is not always the fault of one’s own fault. Often, several major life events, such as unemployment, illness, divorce or the death of a loved one, will eventually lead to


New customers have the opportunity to borrow from Good Finance GFIC at 100% discount. Within the terms of the contract, you have to repay exactly the amount you borrowed within 30 days. Nothing. Applications are evaluated online. All the necessary data are obtained from electronic databases. In some cases, you may be asked to send

Consumer credit – Internet Credit

Consumer loans are loans for an indefinite purchase or a service. Customers are most often offered consumer loans of several thousand USD, depending on the income of the customer and the customer’s family. Credits of up to $ 10,000 are currently offered and repayment terms are generally up to 5 years (60 months). Such credits