Car loan with benefit

  A loan to finance a car if you only receive benefits can often be difficult. Before you take out such a loan, it is also advisable to see whether this is justified. If you cannot repay the car loan with only your benefit, then your financial problems may become even greater. You must therefore

Car loan for retired

Today, a lot of people, and therefore also pensioners, use a so-called car loan to finance the purchase of a car. The moment a pensioner buys a car from a garage company, this can in a large number of cases also take care of the application for a car loan. In addition, as a pensioner

Car loan for single person

Today, more and more people live in our country as single people. However, this does not mean that, as a single person, you cannot bump into quite a few obstacles if you want to take out a car loan. Despite the fact that more than 1.6 million Belgians live as single people, borrowing money for,