Cannes Independent Film Festival

The Cannes Independent Film Festival showcases the best of indie filmmaking during the annual Festival de Cannes. CIFF gives indie filmmakers the opportunity to network with the entire filmmaking industry, screen films at great venues in Cannes, and sell your film to the largest gathering of film buyers in the world, all side-by-side with the year’s biggest new releases. This is the place to be if you are serious about film. Become a part of the amazing spectacle that is Cannes.

Levelling the playing field
The mission of the Cannes Independent Film Festival is to provide truly independent films an opportunity to be screened in Cannes during the world’s most prestigious film gathering and the biggest International Film Market. Being selected as a part of CIFF entitles you to:

Screen your film at great venues in Cannes
Sell your film to the world’s biggest gathering of film buyers
Attend CIFF marketing and sales talks for festival participants
Network with and promote new projects to the entire film industry
Attend and host launch and promotion parties in the CIFF team
Work together with CIFF filmmakers to promote each others films and projects

With over 27,000 visitors during the festival period, Cannes is always buzzing with great possibilities. The Cannes Independent Film Festival provides an opportunity for organisations to reach out to the independent filmmaking community. For more information, see ou