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Tuesday, 03.05.16 , written by Cora Christine Döhn When investing, there is not only one way savers can take. Depending on the savings target and the risk capacity, there are various possibilities. However, investors can commit three major mistakes. Which these are, has financial expert Dr. Oliver 

 Bei der Geldanlage eigene Risikokapazität hinterfragen

Doctor Oliver Vins is the founder and CEO of vaamo

Save in time, then you are in need. According to this principle grandmother and grandfather amassed a handsome fortune. Unfortunately, today savers have to say goodbye to this principle. Because easy money saving brings no return. But that’s exactly what most Germans do. Financial experts are watching this activity with concern. Because they seem to be the only ones who see the big mistake. According to Prof. dr. Andreas Hackethal, finance scientist at the Goethe University Frankfurt, let people on average “four percent interest per year on the street”. Your bunkered money on call money and checking accounts is losing steadily in value. has now with Dr. med. Oliver Vins from talked about how saving is possible even without the desire for big risk today.

Saving made easy: this is the way to the right investment

The right investment for everyone does not exist. Depending on which goals are pursued with the asset accumulation, different possibilities open up. Savings targets can be, for example, a house, a car, a trip or training financing for children. Once the destination has been defined, the path can be searched there.

Crucial for the right path to the savings target is the individual risk capacity. Who knows how much loss your own purse can or wants to get over in the worst case, can decide much better. Assisted by dr. Vins we have created some criteria that help to create a personal risk profile. A higher risk can enter who:

  • No debts
  • A regular income relates
  • Has reserves of three to five months’ salary
  • The capital invested in the next five years is not needed urgently
  • A heritage awaits
  • Emotionally able to endure price fluctuations

The biggest mistake that investment-oriented savers make is to not consider their risk capacity holistically. Vins from his experience. The second biggest mistake, however, is the unfounded fear of the investment business.

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Appendices: “The biggest mistakes are emotional”

According to Dr. Although Vins is true to the principle “who can not get over losses, the system world remains closed”. But most people do not even know how big their risk capacity really is. They are trapped in their fear and give away lots of money. This is especially true for young people. The likelihood that an investment in a diversified stock portfolio will incur losses over a 15-year period is very small – “as far as I know, it has never happened before,” Dr. Vins. However, this requires that investors endure price fluctuations for 15 years and that they are not dependent on the money invested. Most of the money in the stock business is lost because investors either panic and sell at a bad time or sell their securities because they desperately need the money.

Real Estate: Knowing Hidden Dangers

Especially cautious savers feel a property as a solid investment – because you know what you have. But if you take it exactly, investing in a property is often not as low-risk as many people think. The reason: Real estate prices are currently very high. It is therefore not clear whether a decline in value threatens soon. However, if savers spend the majority of their money on the purchase of a property, which then loses value, the minus business is inevitable. This is particularly annoying if the property is not used by yourself. In the best case, rental income does finance the installment for the loan. But in the worst case, the property is missing to tenants and the revenue is missing. Investors then did nothing but commit the third largest investment mistake: they put all their capital on one card and did not spread the risk. It is therefore: “Do not buy cheese, but cleverly invest”.

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