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Package and last minute travel: Nowhere cheaper than Verivox – guaranteed!

Package and last minute travel: Nowhere cheaper than Verivox - guaranteed!

With the nowhere-in-a-lifetime warranty from Verivox, you’re on the safe side. If you find your booking booked through Verivox from the same operator and with identical services on the same day cheaper, we will refund the difference directly to your account – without any ifs or buts!

Off to the winter holiday: more than just a skiing holiday

Off to the winter holiday: more than just a skiing holiday

What a swim, beach and sea are, for the other winter sports, mountains and snow: extensive ski areas, glistening ski slopes, sun and snowy mountain landscapes make the winter sports fan rejoice. A winter holiday is so much more than just skiing.

In order to be able to enjoy all the possibilities of a winter paradise, it is important to book in good time and, if possible, to save money through clever price comparisons so that even small amenities are still in there. A handy help here is the quote calculator from Verivox. If you are already sure about the holiday destination, you can compare the different offers directly.

Into the snow and off to the slopes – but when?

Into the snow and off to the slopes - but when?

In winter, the white splendor and the picturesque mountains attract. Of course, the weather sometimes does not play and the snowfall is rather moderate. Slope operators help here with artificial snow. The classic winter months of January and February are perfect for winter holidays. The low temperatures, usually below freezing, provide sufficient snow, especially at higher altitudes.

Especially the Christmas and New Year’s Eve, many want to spend in the mountains. The prices for a ski holiday are correspondingly high. But freshly after the turn of the year they sink slightly again, it is less off the slopes and white mountains should be around. January is a relaxing month to book a winter holiday.

February is the main month of winter sports, at this time you can be prepared for the appropriate prices; In addition, the Carnival time will bring full pistes. As so often, it is advisable to book well in advance. A little later, in March or April, you can catch bargains again – but here should then play the weather, so that the snow conditions are still suitable for winter sports.

Winter vacation activities

Winter vacation activities

The destination for the perfect winter holiday always depends on the desired activities. While most want to practice winter sports, some enjoy nature during long walks. No matter which activities you prefer, Verivox will find the best deal for your winter holiday.

Skiing and snowboarding

Skiing is the activity on a winter holiday par excellence. As sports equipment, skis only became true racers at the beginning of the 20th century. Much later – around the 1980s – the snowboard came on as a new winter sports equipment. Whole villages live from skiing holidays and snowboarding – but a winter holiday can offer much more besides the descent on the slopes.

If you like something more extreme during your skiing holiday, you should try heliskiing. Here one is flown by helicopter on the mountain and then drives far away from the slope into the valley. The fabulous view of the valley is worth the trip.

Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing and ski-hiking are less rapid, but both disciplines demand even more endurance: on groomed trails goes for miles, demanding route profiles with crisp climbs and winding descents demanding sporty and require a good driving skills. But cross-country skiers get their money’s worth as they travel through picturesque snow-covered landscapes.


Snowshoeing also enables intense nature experiences during your holiday. With snowshoes, you can also explore rough, snowy terrain off the beaten tracks and slopes – and you do not need any special previous knowledge for snowshoeing. Many resorts have recognized the charm of this activity and are well equipped for this purpose.

Perfect for winter vacationers who prefer to enjoy the glittering snowy landscape, without spending their sports, is a rustic sleigh ride. Whether it is a sledge drawn by horses or dogs, a sleigh ride has something romantic about it. But if you want to rediscover the child in yourself, then classic sledging sledges are recommended.

The most popular winter holiday destinations

The most popular winter holiday destinations

So you decided on the right time, the duration of your trip and the right winter activity – but where should the journey go? Of course, the Alps are ideal destinations in Europe, whether in Germany, France, Austria, Italy or Switzerland. Below is a selection of well-known winter sports resorts in the Alpine region.

Winter holidays in Switzerland

The Swiss Alps are home to the world’s most famous winter sports region: St. Moritz. The municipality in the canton of Grisons is located at 1,822 m above sea level and was already twice the venue of the Winter Olympics. The place attracts first and foremost a well-heeled audience – as evidenced by the numerous luxury hotels and luxury boutiques.

It looks more contemplative in Saas-Fee, a community not far from the Italian border. The place is a popular holiday destination in Switzerland in both summer and winter and offers almost always snowy slopes during the cold season due to its location. The community is also known as the location of the Christmas classic “Last Christmas” by Wham !.

Holiday in the winter sports areas of Austria

What Switzerland is St. Moritz is for Austria Kitzbühel. The small town in Tyrol offers numerous sights. The winter holiday makes it through the numerous ski resorts and kilometer-long ski slopes and trails tasty. In addition to Kitzbühel, Mayrhofen in Tyrol is a popular destination for winter holidays: there lies the huge ski area of ​​the Zillertal.

Another important place of Austrian winter tourism is the municipality of Sölden in the Ötztal. The community has blossomed from a simple mountain village to a tourist magnet and is especially known for the immense winter sports. Another important tourism area for all sorts of winter activities is the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis region known as the “sun terrace” with ski slopes, cross-country trails, toboggan runs and hiking trails.

Winter holidays in France

In the French Alps, the Trois Vallées (“three valleys”) is a popular ski resort in the Savoy region. It claims to be the largest ski resort in the world, with guaranteed snow from December to April. Overall, the inclined skier will find here about 600 km of slopes. Incidentally, the Val Thorens also has the highest ski station in Europe; It is located at 2,300 m altitude.

Another noteworthy destination for skiing holidays in France is the town of Val-d’Isère. Already Olympic winter disciplines or the alpine ski world championships took place here.

Winter holidays in Germany

A classic German winter sports resort is Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Upper Bavaria. The market was also the venue for the Winter Olympics and World Ski Championships; furthermore, the New Year’s event regularly takes place here as part of the Four Hills Tournament. Here you can complete the entire range of winter sports activities on skiing, sledding, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. In addition, Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a health resort with therapeutically valuable climate.

The Upper Bavarian climatic health resort Reit im Winkl also offers a ski area. In direct connection to the Austrian ski resort Steinplatte the Winklmoosalm is perfect for beginners, leisurely riders or families with children.

Winter holidays to Italy

Last but not least Val Gardena or the Val Gardena (Italian: “Val Gardena”) is called. This valley of the Dolomites in South Tyrol is known for its fine woodcarving art – but also for its winter sports offers. Popular with hikers and mountaineers in the summer, skiers and cross-country skiers enjoy skiing in the “Dolomiti Superski” ski area during the winter season.

Ski vacation outside Europe

Why not spend the winter vacation in America? USA lure with numerous ski resorts. Particularly well known are the ski resorts of Aspen in Colorado or the ski resorts of Vancouver. Of course, in addition to skiing, other winter sports activities are possible.

If you ever wanted to ski in the middle of the desert, you should visit Dubai and visit the ski hall located there. After all, five runs and a halfpipe are in the hall. With real ski travel, this trip is certainly not compare, but it is always an experience.

Preparing for the winter vacation

Preparing for the winter vacation

When winter holidays in Europe, most prefer their own journey. Since a lot of luggage comes together through ski equipment, traveling by car is easier than traveling by train or bus.

For more distant destinations, the arrival by plane is recommended. Here you should inform yourself in advance regarding luggage regulations and prefer to borrow certain equipment locally. In addition to the cost of accommodation, you should pay attention in advance to the cost of the ski pass in the area.

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