Car loan for a second-hand car: gasoline or diesel

At the end of this year, a diesel car will no longer be cheaper than a gasoline car. Automatic made that prediction in Het Nieuwsblad. About 5 years ago there was still a gap of more than 20 euro cents in price difference, while it has now shrunk to a difference of 1 euro cents. Chances are that by September or October diesel will be more expensive than gasoline. The only advantage that remains then is that your engine uses less. Those who often cover very long distances are better off with diesel. But if you use your car for short journeys in the city, you better opt for gasoline.

Hybrid or electric

Hybrid or electric

In addition, you have 2 other options, namely the hybrid and the electric car. A hybrid also has a traditional gasoline engine, but also generates electricity by braking. This way you drive short distances on the electric motor and you automatically switch to petrol for longer straight sections of the highway. The big disadvantage of the hybrid is the more expensive purchase price and the limited possibilities to purchase a second-hand copy. That also plays a role in obtaining a car loan.

The most environmentally-friendly option is of course the fully electric car, which is accompanied by a number of tax benefits in Flanders. For example, there is the zero emission premium, which is still 3,000 euros this year, but will disappear completely by 2020. In addition, you enjoy a reduced road tax and electricity is cheaper than gasoline or diesel. The disadvantage is of course that the purchase price is much higher.

Before you take out a car loan at the bank, it is better to list everything well. Think carefully about which type of second-hand car you need and what you will use it for. Then you determine the budget that you think you will need, including costs that you will still have after purchase. With that total sum of money in mind, you go to the bank for the best car loan for your car. And remember that borrowing money also costs money.

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