Request a car loan without payroll: solutions for 2019

Despite the widespread use of car sharing, there are still a lot of Italians who want to own a vehicle with four wheels.

To complete this purchase, many motorists choose to apply for a personal loan, so as to experience the financial commitment with greater confidence.

Car loans: get up to € 60,000

Car loans: get up to € 60,000

To apply for a loan, however, has as a basic requirement the presentation of a series of documents such as, for example, the pay slip that represents the assurance of a job position and, consequently, a sort of guarantee in returning the amount paid. But how do you get extra liquidity if you don’t have this document? Let’s see how to apply for a car loan without payroll and what are the solutions for 2019.

Considering the current socio-economic situation of our country, many banking and financial institutions have developed specific financing solutions for all those who cannot present a pay slip as a guarantee. These are interesting opportunities, which allow the group normally excluded from credit to access special solutions capable of providing the necessary budget to carry out their desires, such as the purchase of a car.

In all these cases, usually, to meet the needs of this specific customer segment, banks require the presence of the guarantor, that is, a person who presents certain securities and who is therefore deemed able to guarantee the repayment of the sum lent. Much also depends on the amount you wish to obtain: for large amounts, the institution can request additional guarantees such as the mortgage on a property that you own or the presence of any co-holders.

Moreover, among the roads that can be pursued in 2019 in this sense, there is the possibility of obtaining a loan that provides for the payment of installments through bills of exchange. If the applicant does not comply with the commitment made, the institute will be authorized to foreclose its assets for a value equal to that of the installments without the need for a judgment to exist.

Loan estimate of 10000 euros

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Financial: Simple Loan
Product: Personal Loan
TAN Fixed: 4.25%
APR: 4.33%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 10,000
Total due: € 11.117

Monthly installment € 185

Financial: Loan
Product: Credit
TAN Fixed: 6.01%
APR: 6.18%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 10,000
Total due: € 11.602

Monthly installment € 193

Financial: Loan
Product: Loan
TAN Fixed: 6.50%
APR: 6.80%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 10,000
Total due: € 11.764