New customers have the opportunity to borrow from Good Finance GFIC at 100% discount. Within the terms of the contract, you have to repay exactly the amount you borrowed within 30 days.

Nothing. Applications are evaluated online. All the necessary data are obtained from electronic databases. In some cases, you may be asked to send a bank account statement for recent months.

Short-term loan lenders


For many years it has been one of the leading short-term loan lenders in Latvia. The company offers to lend small amounts (up to 425 USD) within minutes. In times of urgent need of money with sms loan you can get a small sum of money without pledge and guarantor. Loyal customers in the mobile app have the ability to apply for a loan again from their mobile phone.

Possibly. The customer’s credit rating and creditworthiness are assessed before the loan is issued. Fill out the application to find out your options. You will receive a response within a few minutes during business hours.

No. Latvian legislators have stipulated that instant loans cannot be issued during night hours. The company is open until 23.00, which is late enough to get a loan. These requirements apply to all lenders, incl. banknote, ferratum, credit24 and more.

For clients who have an account with the same bank, where the company money is credited to the account in 98% of the cases. Within 10 minutes. Customers of other credit institutions may have to wait longer.

Charge default interest


The company is entitled to charge default interest (up to 0.65% of the total principal amount of late payments per day). The total amount of the default interest may not exceed 36% above the annual percentage rate. The recovery of arrears can be entrusted to debt collectors and the court. The debtor can be entered in the debtors’ registers or blacklist.

Transfer the money to the bank account of the company with the required information. The easiest way to do this is from your online banking profile, but you can also go to any credit or post office. The second option involves paying a transfer fee in accordance with the pricelist.

Delay the repayment of your principal for up to 30 days


Yes. You have the option to delay the repayment of your principal for up to 30 days. Credit extension is a paid service. Payment should be made to the bank account specified by the company. You can see the cost details in your profile.

You will receive a loan approval message on your mobile phone via SMS, but money will come soon.